6 Star Mud Brick Home Research

A research was performed earlier this 12 months to assist decide the viability and potential prices concerned in constructing a 6 Star mud brick house.

Bricks Perth research, funded by Sustainability Victoria, concerned thermal vitality assessments of 4 typical mud brick home designs utilizing the FirstRate 5 home vitality score software program. An goal was to find out easy and price efficient methods to take every design as much as 6 Stars whereas sustaining every constructing’s distinctive character.

All 4 designs efficiently achieved the 6 Star goal, nonetheless, some proved tougher than others. Generally, double glazing was required to the residing areas of every house at the least, and better ranges of insulation was wanted within the ceiling/roof. The tougher instances benefited significantly from an insulated slab-on-ground or ‘waffle pod’ slab, and better efficiency double glazing incorporating low-e coating and argon gasoline stuffed cavities.

One design was in a position to rating an additional 1.2 stars by decreasing the size of the northern eave to permit better photo voltaic entry in winter. This home was the one one within the research to attain the 6 Star goal with out utilizing any double glazing.

The orientation of the home additionally proved to have an awesome impact on the vitality score. One of many designs was assessed a number of instances, every time dealing with in a distinct route – north, south, east and west. It was discovered that when oriented in an optimum route, the home was in a position to obtain the 6 Star goal with no double glazing. When this identical home was oriented in a much less optimum place, double glazing was wanted all through the entire home as a way to attain the goal.


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